Innovation and quality are the driving forces of our activities and an integral part of all the processes in our family business.

Our advanced and automated manufacturing ensures high-quality welded machine parts.


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    Innovations are the driving force of our development.
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    Tradition with 35 years of experience.
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    We focus on the development of integrated solutions.

Integrated solutions

  • With our expertise and experience in the development of integrated solutions, we guarantee the development and project planning of products and semi-finished products with the state-of-the-art software. We offer comprehensive support in the initial process of developing new products and semi-finished products.
  • We are proud of our modern machinery and our experienced team of experts, which guarantees the manufacture and processing of welded machine parts. We offer robot welding, sanding, dyeing, milling and turning.
  • We guarantee high-quality manufacture and processing with integrated control and testing of integrated solutions. Numerous Slovenian and international certificates attest to our quality and technological progress.

Our References

The highest quality of our products and strong long-term business relationships with our partners guarantee our success on the Slovenian and international markets.

  • We develop advanced solutions for the transport in railway industry.


  • We manufacture various machine parts that require high-quality welding and mechanical processing.

  • We guarantee the greatest possible compatibility and reliability when using our products under the most demanding working conditions.

  • We manufacture various types of equipment for water-related use, such as turbine casings (Francis, Pelton and Kaplan), piping, base frames, etc.

Duler d.o.o.

The highest quality for satisfied partners.

We strive for the highest quality of our services and customer satisfaction.

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    Robot welding
    Besides manual welding (MIG/MAG, TIG, ROV, EPP) we also offer robot welding with modern welding robots.
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    Mechanical processing up to 20 tons
    We provide mechanical processing on modern CNC machines with computer-assisted manufacture.
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    Holistic control
    We control with non-destructive testing (NTD).
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    Corrosion protection
    We offer comprehensive corrosion protection of the products with our own solutions or in cooperation with our partners.
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    Business relations
    Our activities are geared to the needs and wishes of our business partners for long-term cooperation.

Our certificates

We have obtained numerous international and Slovenian certificates confirming the quality of our business processes, products and services.

  • EWF
  • GSI
  • IIW