About us


The history of our company began in a small workshop. The company was founded by Matjaž Duler who wanted to truly utilize his expertise, and his son Jernej Duler has successfully taken over the management of the company. He continues the success story.

In more than 30 years we acquired a good reputation and long-term business partners. 

What sets us apart from the competition is our flexibility and reliability. We are guided by the needs of our partners with and collaborate with them to create integrated solutions



Together with my employees, I want to build a company with values in which we trust. I believe in honesty and mutual satisfaction. I am grateful to my parents for the foundations of my personality and to my employees for their hard work and the trust they invest in our success story.

Jernej Duler

Our value is a high-quality working environment

The foundation of our activities are our employees. We currently employ 65 experts. We always strive to assist them in their development and to pay attention to the quality of the working environment and good health in the workplace.

We provide integrated solutions and the best support for our business partners

We believe in long-term business relationships because this is the only way to utilize all the potential. We provide our partners with integrated solutions for welded machine parts. Our employees are experts who support the whole process of integrated solution (development and design, machining and production of machine parts, inspection, testing, assembly and maintenance). We optimize each process phase accordingly.


KNOWLEDGE FOR THE FUTURE Modern technology and innovations

We strive for innovative development of integrated solutions. With the knowledge and experience of our experts and our modern technology, we understand the needs of our partners and are able to effectively provide optimal solutions for them.

Environmental responsibility

We are aware of our environmental responsibility and strictly adhere to environmental regulations. Environmental protection is integrated into all our work processes. Our employees are also aware of their environmental responsibility.

We are confident that we will successfully implement our vision "Tradition for the future" with careful planning and development and adapt to market conditions.

The quality of integrated solutions is attested by numerous CERTIFICATES

We are proud of the numerous certificates which confirm our high-quality work and the goals we have planned.


The highest quality for satisfied partners.

We strive for the highest quality of our services and customer satisfaction.

Our certificates

  • EWF
  • GSI
  • IIW