Development and project planning

We transform the needs of our development partners into integrated solutions

We cooperate with our development partners in product project planning and provide integrated solutions in the development of new products and semi-finished products

We pay special attention to the education and training of our employees. We use state-of-the-art software for the development of integrated solutions. 

We adapt to the demands and needs of our partners and ensure a personal appearance

We design concept solutions based on the requirements and needs of our development partners. We turn the concept into a solution after our partner approves the 3D design. After confirmation of the virtual product we produce the prototype

Using the latest 3D technologies, we manufacture simple and more complex products for our development partners, allowing us to optimize in terms of technology and price. The products are manufactured as quickly as possible.

1. Technological development of the project (Robot-Friendly Production)

2. 3-D-Construction

3. Prototype production

In the context of technological development and project planning

• Consulting and preparation of technical requirements and the project solution.

• Project planning and 3D design of products.

• Preparation of project documentation and technical documentation. 

The highest quality for satisfied partners.

We strive for the highest quality of our services and customer satisfaction.

Our certificates

  • EWF
  • GSI
  • IIW