Highest quality

Our main concern is the highest possible quality of our products and processes.

In order to guarantee the quality of our business processes, we obtained the ISO 9001/2015 certificate from TÜV.

We use MS SharePoint and MS Project. In addition to improving the quality of planning and execution, this software enables us to reduce project risks and the load, as well as to distribute production capacities accordingly (project participants), which increases customer satisfaction.

We ensure the high quality of our products through the following procedures:

1. Inspection of the welds

2. Dimensional control (tolerance control)

3. Surface quality control

4. Pressure test

5. Endurance tests

We guarantee quality with the following certificates and procedures:

• Certificate ISO 9001:2015

• Certificate ISO 3834-2

• Certificate DIN 18800-7 Class E

• Certificate EN 15085-2 Class 1

• Certificate EN 1090-EXC 4

• Certified welders according to ISO 9606

• Computer-controlled welding process

• Certified welding process (WPQR)

• Tolerance control with the Hexagon Romer measuring hand

We are trained to perform non-destructive testing - UT, MT, PT in VT in MT. For these tests we have several certified Level II operators.

We carry out density and connection tests on pressure vessels and hydrostatic tests up to 100 bar. 

Holistic control NDT

We carry out a holistic control of non-destructive testing (NDT).
UT – Ultrasonic test
MT– Magnetic test
PT – Test with Penetrants
VT – Visual Test

The highest quality for satisfied partners.

We strive for the highest quality of our services and customer satisfaction.

Our certificates

  • EWF
  • GSI
  • IIW